The Order of Suranaree University of Technology
ที่ 1075/2564
Regarding the Appointment of Midterm Proctors for the Trimester 3/2563

To ensure an orderly and efficient manner of the Midterm for the trimester 3 of academic year 2563, during 1 - 5 February 2021,
y the virtue of section 21 and 24 (1) of Suranaree University act, 1990 in conjunction with the order of Suranaree University No. 1087/2017 on authorizing the vice rector to act on the rector’s behalf, dated on 30 September 2013 and nominations by various institutes and working units, examination proctors are thereby appointed for the trimester 3/2563 to perform their duty on date and time following the details attached with this order. They shall report for their duty no less than 30 minutes before each session at the administration division so as to be assigned of their mission. For the proctors assigned to perform the duty an the examination room for courses with conflicted schedule, once the session has ended, they are to stand by until being replaced by proctors of the next session.
Moreover, should a proctor listed in this order is unable to perform his/ her duty, the name of another proctor who is replacing them must be nominated to the dean or the head of working units to which he/ she is affiliated, so that suitability will be determined. For any replacement of proctor duty that is not authorized by the dean or the head of affiliating working unit, the University will not issue an order appointing the replacing proctor as a committee member. According to the resolution of the 10/ 2552 administrative coordination meeting, dated on 12 November 2009, the proctors are to dress appropriately. There were yet some proctors dress inappropriately when performing their duty. They are therefore asked to strictly abide to this resolution.
This order enters into force from 1 February 2021,, onward.
      Ordered on 26 January 2021,

 (Signature) Kontorn Chamniprasart
(Associate Professor Caption Dr.Kontorn Chamniprasart)
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Internationalization

Acting Rector

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